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Bog Notes

A twice-yearly newsletter of information, announcements, and news about the Quincy Bog Natural Area and Pemi-Baker Land Trust
Editors: Widge Kent & Kerry Yurewicz

Editorial submissions are welcome. Please send to: Editor, Quincy Bog Notes, P.O. Box 90 , Rumney , NH 03266 or email us at BogNotes@QuincyBog.org.

The following articles are two of the many articles in the current Winter 2013-14 edition of the Bog Notes. Please feel free to download this from the Archive section of this page.

Indiana Jones and the Quincy Bog
by Widge Kent

Indiana Jones of adventure movie fame and Quincy Bog: how could they be connected?! The story begins with Roy Chapman Andrews. Many believe that the character of Indiana Jones was based on the real person Roy Chapman Andrews. Andrews was a swashbuckling adventurer of the early 1920s and, like Indy, was a charismatic explorer searching for archeological artifacts. "Always there has been an adventure just around the corner - and the world is full of corners!" was his famous line.

Roy Chapman Andrews was born in Beloit, Wisconsin, and to this day, there is a Roy Chapman Andrews Society based in his hometown. The society's website (http://roychapmanandrews society.org) has an interesting biography complete with photos and videos.

Andrews had an adventuresome youth. One story involves a near drowning in the local Rock River. His escape and subsequent knack for surviving difficult situations prompted Andrews to repeatedly avow that he had been “Born Under a Lucky Star." (As an adult, he used this phase as the title of his autobiography.) As a young man, he became an expert marksman and naturalist. He taught himself taxidermy and used this skill to finance his way through Beloit College...

Finish reading this article and others by downloading Bog Notes.


Looking Back, Looking Ahead, for the Second Time

President's Perspective by Betty Jo Taffe

Five years ago I wrote my first President’s Perspective article that looked back at founder Joe Kent’s vision of protecting a local wetland from imminent development. With friends he created Rumney Ecological Systems (RES) to preserve natural areas in the Baker River Valley and keep them open to the public for nature-based activities. Looking ahead I saw RES's immediate attention focused on nature education at Quincy Bog; the Quincy Pasture Forest Steward-ship Plan; and the Pemi-Baker Land Trust. Now writing my last President’s Perspective article, I’m proud of the progress we’ve made and excited about new challenges as we look to the future...

Read more of outgoing President Betty Jo Taffe's article in the Winter 2013-14 edition of Bog Notes.


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