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January 2021 - Jared Wolf, a senior environmental planning major, helped us learn about our bog supporters. Jared created a survey to give to bog visitors as they enter/exit the trail. He compiled the data and analyzed the results. We hope to use the impact metrics to help us better understand our organization's role in the community.

May 2019 - Kayleen Larose, a senior in Environmental Science and Policy, worked with Dr. Lisa Donor identifying the frequency of high magnitude flooding over several thousand years in central NH, with the aim to enhance community preparedness. She learned that the water from QB flows to the river year round, but at peak flood, the river will reverse the flow in this outlet and introduce turbid water into Quincy Bog. As a result, a large amount of fine particles find their way into the bog.






Paleoecology study of Quincy Bog - Discovering the glacial history of the Quincy BogPSU-winter2013

January 2014 - Update of Quincy Bog Sediment Core Study

January 2013 - PSU Professor Lisa Doner's paleoecology class collected core samples from the sediment of the pond bottom and began an analysis of the contents. The results of the study give a glimpse in the ecological history of the Bog and Baker River Valley area. Read more about her research here (link to bog Notes article)

In spring of 2013, Lisa Doner reported on the research conducted by her class at Plymouth State University in the Bog Notes lead article, "Probing the Deep and Mysterious Past of Quincy Bog.

Since Doner’s initial report, Senior Environmental Science & Policy student James Coll has continued the research specifically dating the sediment. He has found that the sediment 5 meters down in the core is 6,000 years old and that the sediment one meter down dates from 1500 AD. The conclusion is that the Bog is significantly older than originally thought. While you are pondering this information, view the vimeo, "Paleoecology at Quincy Bog” to see firsthand how the sediment was collected.


Paleoecology at Quincy Bog - Version 7 from Dan Kemp on Vimeo.