Rumney Ecological Systems envisions a future that reflects our founder’s passion for protecting and sharing special places in our region.   The organization will work to establish and sustain:
  • An engaged and suitably trained volunteer organization consisting of a board of directors, Bog Hosts and other volunteers,
  • A Nature Center and trail system through the Quincy Bog and other managed properties that are well maintained, well known, accessible and free of charge to the public,
  • A land trust which protects suitable properties in the greater Baker Valley,
  • Exemplary environmental and resource management practices employed at all managed properties, according to written management plans,
  • A good name and positive relationship with the local community, educational institutions and environmental organizations.
Our mission is to offer the public opportunities for nature education, research and nature-centered outdoor recreation at the Quincy Bog and Quincy Pasture Forest and protects open space in the greater Baker River Valley in cooperation with area landowners.
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