Quincy Bog is a special place that invites you to contemplate nature and explore. The Bog is private land, not public land owned by all; visitors are guests. Please be respectful. The 1 mile loop trail is open dawn to dusk.

To protect the Natural Area and enhance the experience of our visitors, we ask that you observe the following guidelines when visiting the Bog.


  1. Help us be a good neighbor; be mindful when you arrive and leave the bog.
  2. Walk the trails, look at the plants, wildlife and other natural features;
  3. Take pictures and share them with others;
  4. Close your eyes and listen to sounds;
  5. Introduce your children to nature, and supervise them to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable visit;
  6. Keep your dogs on a leash at all times, and remove dog waste from the trails;


  1. Disturb the natural environment or interfere with the ability of others to enjoy the Bog;
  2. Disturb or collect plants, animals, rocks or other natural features—leave them for others to enjoy;
  3. Walk on the beaver dams—it’s not safe to do so and the dams are an important natural feature of the Bog;
  4. Ride bicycles or horses, or operate snowmobiles or other motorized vehicles in the natural area—leave all bicycles at the bike rack adjacent to the parking area;
  5. Fish, hunt, trap, camp, light fires, use watercraft or litter in the natural area.


Thanks for helping protect the Quincy Bog!