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Quincy Bog Officers and Board Information

  • Scott Bailey, Plymouth
  • Michael Boisvert, Thornton
  • Charles Chandler, Warren
  • Lisa Doner, Newsletter Co-editor, Plymouth
  • Amy Dupuis, Rumney
  • Jess Halm, Campton
  • Reed Harrigan, Campton
  • Virginia Howlett, Rumney
  • Gino Infascelli, President, Trail Coordinator, Campton
  • Caroline “Widge” Kent, PBLT Land Transaction Committee Chair, Plymouth
  • Barbara Laflamme, Treasurer, Holderness
  • Janice Mulherin, PBLT Stewardship Committee Chair, Rumney
  • Mark Runquist, Campton
  • Sue Sepenoski, Rumney
  • Marguerite St. Laurent-Crowell, Vice-president, Plymouth
  • Betty Jo Taffe, Volunteer Coordinator, Rumney
  • Paul Wilson, Bridgewater
  • Kerry Yurewicz, Secretary, Newsletter Co-editor

Board Affiliates are volunteers, frequently former Board members, who assume responsibility for specific tasks or serve as voting members of a Board committee. They are appointed by the Board of Directors.

  • Diane Devine, Bog Host Coordinator
  • George DeWolf, PBLT, School and Interpretation Committee Support
  • Sarah Dunham, School Coordinator
  • Michael O’Leary, Investment Administration
  • Tracey Steenbergen, Administrative Services